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For the Love
of Treats

My name is Angela Held and I am the creator and owner of Boxie LLC. Raised in Southern California, Arizona has been home for over 15 years and I currently live in Chandler with my husband and two fur babies. 

My love of baking started young and I definitely owe homage to several treasured people in my life. Breakfast was my dad’s specialty. He worked 3 jobs to support us and didn’t have many days off but when he did, you could bet he was certainly whipping up his famous pancakes or waffles, while teaching me how to get just the right batter consistency (with no lumps in sight!) That appreciation for quality has led to an imprinted lifelong standard, not just for breakfast items, but for food in general. 

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My aunt and grandmother furthered my interest in baking and helped me perfect several recipes over the years, which I have enjoyed making for others. Most holidays you can find me up to my neck in cookies, cakes, pies, fudge, and other treats that I happily share with friends, family, and neighbors. It’s been my dream for some time to share my creations with others, but I knew I had to do something different - something that would help set my brand apart and get noticed! 

Over the course of my professional career working in office settings, I noticed an obvious lack of options and a need when it came to quick, quality breakfast items that were shareable with colleagues. The standard go-to, of course, was the usual doughnuts or bagels from the ‘ol corner store. I always wished there were options for quick-grab pancakes or waffles like dad would make, but no such thing seemed to exist!

Boxie was born out of a need and a passion.  The unique shape of Boxie was inspired by European specialty bakeries and is as stylish as it is functional. I wanted to deliver customers quality baked goods in a fun and elevated way, and dreamed that the presentation could be a stylish display piece of its own at any gathering!

The box I envisioned did not seem to exist on the US market today so I reached out to a local packaging company to see if they could turn my ideas into a reality. Soon enough they had a whole team of incredibly talented people working on my project and in just a few short months I had a beautiful prototype in my hand! They captured my vision perfectly and brought my concept to life! 

The triangle-tiered drawers allow for a variety of item choices to be presented and displayed in a beautiful and sleek way, while offering quality breakfast or dessert bites. Each Boxie includes complimentary dips that pair perfectly with customized bite-size selections. Endless combinations of indulgence are in store in a fun and interactive way. Each customized Boxie order includes free local delivery or pickup, and is ideal for sharing during gatherings of any size including brunches, birthdays, conferences, offices, picnics, bachelor/bachelorette parties, baby showers, Bible studies, Mother’s Day, graduations, and more! 

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