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  • Can I customize my Boxie?
    Boxie comes in 3 varieties but we are not able to mix and match items at this time. If you see items from another Boxie you would like to try, we encourage you to try multiple varieties!
  • What are the dips for?
    Our Dips are a delicious and fun way to enhance your Boxie experience! We offer a variety of classic and unique flavors, allowing you to create endless sweet combinations of your own! Dips are provided with each Boxie purchase at no extra charge and are not sold individually. Choose your flavors by noting at the bottom of your order or let us pair your dips for you! Each Triangle Boxie allows you to choose 3 complimentary dip flavors. Each Gift Boxie allows you to choose 5 complimentary dip flavors.
  • How many people does each Boxie serve?
    Triangle Boxie serves 8-10 people and Gift Boxie serves 4-6 people.
  • What temperature are Boxie items served at?
    All items within each Boxie are designed to be served and consumed safely at room temperature. We recommend storing leftover items in the fridge to extend freshness.
  • Do you offer Gluten free or other allergy friendly options?
    At this time Boxie is not able to offer allergy friendly options for customers with dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Location: Do you have a storefront to visit?
    Boxie is a cottage (home) bakery and I conduct all baking and business within my home in Chandler, AZ. We offer free local delivery or pickup during scheduled times for your convenience.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! We currently offer free local delivery with each purchase. If you are outside our delivery zone or prefer to pickup your order, you are welcome to during your scheduled time.
  • How many different items are in each Boxie?
    Each Boxie has 5 different items to choose from in each category (Breakfast Boxie, Cookie Boxie, or Treat Boxie).
  • Where do you sell and deliver?
    Boxie is currently accepting orders within Arizona and offering free local delivery within the East Valley/Scottsdale areas. Please contact us if you are outside these areas and have questions regarding ordering or pickup/delivery.
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