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Our Treat Boxie is a delightful and indulgent treat that is perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth. It’s filled with a variety of freshly baked treats and fresh berries that are both comforting and satisfying. Each Boxie includes a mix of classic and unique flavors, served in bite sized portions, perfect for dipping and sharing!

Each Triangle Boxie serves 8-10
Each Gift Boxie serves 4-6


Our Dips are a delicious and fun way to enhance your Boxie experience! We offer a variety of classic and unique flavors, allowing you to create endless sweet combinations of your own! Dips are provided with each Boxie purchase at no extra charge and are not sold individually. Choose your flavors by noting at the bottom of your order or let us pair your dips for you!

Each Triangle Boxie allows you to choose 3 complimentary dip flavors.
Each Gift Boxie allows you to choose 5 complimentary dip flavors.

Treat Boxie

  • Marshmallow Treats
    A classic and familiar crispy, chewy texture with a sweet and buttery flavor.


    Donut Holes
    Soft and fluffy cake-like texture, rolled in cinnamon and sugar.


    Coconut Macaroons
    Crispy, chewy texture with a sweet and nutty coconut flavor.


    Mini Cupcakes
    Classic soft and fluffy white cake with sprinkles, adding a festive touch to a timeless flavor.


    Brownie Bites
    Soft, chewy texture with a rich chocolatey flavor, fudgy center and crispy edges.

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